Discord Bot

Discord Bot

I have been looking for a Discord Bot for a long time, which allows to announce all Twitch Streams of a game on a Discord.
I was looking for this for my community work at The Cycle. However, there was no bot that completely fulfilled my expectations.
Either you had to insert each streamer manually or the number of outputs was extremely limited.

So I started working on writing my own bot.

After several days of extensive work, the bot has reached a level that satisfies me so much that I would like to present it to the public.

What can the bot do?

At the moment, it can output streams from The Cycle in a customizable channel.
Support for more games is planned, but no more games are integrated yet.

If a stream goes offline or changes the game, the announcement on the discord will be deleted. So you always have only active streams in the announcements.
Currently the bot checks in an interval of 1 minute. This may have to be increased. I can’t make a statement about the performance yet, if the bot has to feed several servers in the end.

Who is the bot aimed at?

The bot is aimed primarily at communities that concentrate on a particular game. The bot can only monitor one game per server.
It could also be interesting for small to medium-sized game developers who want to promote Content Creators for their own game on their discord.

What can I expect in the future?

  • more supported games
  • a field in which members of a definable Content Creator role can write individual texts for the announcement (I’m currently checking feasibility)
  • Filter that allows you to only announce streams in certain languages


After inviting the bot to the server, you can retrieve information about the bot using the !ab -info command.
With the command !ab -config administrators get further information about the configuration.

Click here to test the bot on your server.

Please note that the bot is still in early development. Errors and missing functions are therefore not excluded.
If you find an error, I would be happy if you report it to me via the contact form.

Also the botname is not final yet. This will certainly change if there is interest in the bot and further games are integrated.


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