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WoWs: Client Archive from

WoWs: Client Archive from

This project was discontinued due to lack of interest and download numbers.
The cost-benefit ratio was not achieved.

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Hello captains,

in the official forum the question arises whether and how it is possible to play replays from older client versions.
In principle, this is not possible unless you have the client of the version that was used to create the replay.

But who has that?
In the future, I hope I will be.

From client version I will build an archive of older versions of the client on this page.
I am always striving to make the last 4-5 client versions available online for download. Older versions I will surely still have offline, in these cases just send a short request via the contact form or the comments but bear in mind it will be the german version of the client for technical reasons. This should not be a problem for viewing replays I think.

My server resources are not endless, so I will not offer all versions permanently online.

But how does it all work in detail?

The downloads include a vanilla client of the corresponding version number with freshly created preferences.xml, so that no complications should occur on any PC.
As far as I know, the first replay is therefore started in window mode. Simply adjust the settings, close the replay and restart. Now everything should fit.

How do I start a replay with the old version?

Simply click on the desired replay, hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the WorldOfWarships.exe of the client version loaded here. This will start the replay with this client.

And this is exactly where we come to the next point.

The client must be unpacked first. I used the 7-Zip program for packing, because it achieves the best compression levels to save as much space as possible. So you should be able to unpack the files without any problems.

Suspended client versions

The following versions of the client are not offered for download, since the replays continue to run with the previous version.

  • (after tests compatible with
  • (after tests compatible with
  • (compatible with
  • (compatible with

Suspended client versions

The following versions of the client are no longer offered as downloads in order to save storage space, but can be requested from me via the comments. I upload them again individually.



After consultation with Wargaming, offering and downloading old clients is also legally no problem.

I realize this project because I simply like the game and the community as a whole is absolutely good and pleasant. The server resources are privately financed and provided by me and are not groundbreaking now. Therefore the download is limited to 4096 KB/s speed. But as the saying goes, „Good things take time“

But if you want to help me out with something, you can send me a Paypal donation to [email protected] This then flows into the financing of the server.
If you attach your nickname and a message, your support will of course also be appreciated here.

Thanks for reading and have fun with your replays.

With the start of the download the download note is considered read and accepted!

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